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Mr.Mangesh S.Vazarekar

Asst. Librarian

Dear Students,

   We proudly boast that our library is one of the best libraries amongst the engineering colleges that satisfy the students quest for knowledge. The Library is well stocked with Textbooks, Reference books, and Technical Journals & Periodicals, proceedings of IEEE Seminars. It has precious collections of over 21,614 books. Besides variety of textbooks there are Reference books in various disciplines, Engineering Handbooks, Data books and Engineering Dictionaries. Seminars proceedings of prestigious IEEE on latest technologies like VLSI, Optical Networks, Computer Networks & IT to name a few are there. Our library has institutional membership of IIT Powai and British council library. Our Staff & Students have access to the treasure of countries leading high tech library. We also subscribe to number of National & periodicals.

     Besides borrowing books from the library students can study in a spacious reading room. They can enhance their knowledge by borrowing CDs and floppy disks on variety of subjects. Facility to provide PCs for reading the CDs and Internet connectivity is being created.