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  • Total Area: 813.72
  • Total No. of Title : 6,470
  • Total No. of Books : 30,568
  • Total No. of Reference Books: 589
  • Total No. of Journals National / Magazines : 89

The Library is well stacked with 30,569 books with the numbers adding every day � providing resources to enrich and support the curriculum and student learning. This collection includes Text Books, Reference Books, ISI code Books, Thesis reports etc. In addition we have subscribed to serial publications of ASME, MACGRAW, IEEE, International and National Journals

Library Rules :

  • Books are for use. Use Them Properly.
  • Always maintain silence in the Library.
  • Every Student should bring his/her identity card.
  • Every student will be provided with 3 books for a maximum period of 15 days.
  • The library cards are not transferable.