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Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering


Second Year (SEM III) Second Year (SEM IV)
Applied Mathematics III Applied Mathematics IV
Analog Electronics I Analog Electronics II
Digital Electronics Microprocessor and Peripherals
Circuits and Transmission Lines Wave Theory and Propagation
Electronic Instruments and Measurements Signals and Systems
Object Oriented Programming Methodology Control Systems
Third Year (SEM V) Third Year (SEM VI)
Microcontrollers and Applications Digital Communication
Analog Communication Discrete Time Signal Processing
Random Signal Analysis Computer Communication and Telecom Networks
RF Modeling and Antennas Television Engineering
Integrated Circuits Operating Systems
Business Communication and Ethics VLSI Design
Fourth Year (SEM VII) Fourth Year (SEM VIII)
Image and Video Processing Wireless Networks
Mobile Communication Satellite Communication and Networks
Optical Communication and Networks Internet and Voice Communication
Microwave and Radar Engineering Elective