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Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

PEO and PO

Program Educational Objectives

  • To prepare students for successful carrier in industry by identifying the gap between the curriculum and the industry requirements.
  • To develop students awareness of the lifelong learning and to introduce them to professional ethics, knowledge of social impacts of technologies.
  • To prepare students for demonstrating the ability to formulate/design and solve problems in electronics and telecommunication engineering domain with strong foundation in engineering fundamentals.
  • To develop an ability in the students to use modern engineering tools, software and equipment to analyze and synthesize the complex engineering problems.
  • To motivate and prepare the students for global Higher Education, Economy, environment and social context.
  • To encourage the students for developing the engineering activities and project management in interdisciplinary environment.

Program Outcomes

  • The electronics and telecommunication graduates will have an ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, basic science, probability theory, network and electromagnetic field analysis to communication systems to formulate and solve engineering problems.
  • The graduates will have understanding of operation on Electronic Devices and communication protocols to design electronics system, component or process to meet desire needs within realistic constrains considering society, country and humanity.
  • The graduates will able to cultivate a lifelong attitude and desire to adopt rapidly developing technologies.
  • The graduates will apply electronics engineering and management skills as a leader or a member in team to solve industrial and social problems.
  • Graduates will demonstrate an aptitude to implement digital and analog system as per needs and specifications.
  • The graduates will able to develop the entrepreneurship.