Computer Engineering Sem III Subject Wise Syllabus

1) Applied  Mathematics III

2)Object Oriented Programming Methodology (OOPM) 3) Data Structures (DS) 4) Digital Logic Design and Analysis
5) Discrete Structures 6) Electronic Circuits and Communication Fundamentals    

  Computer Engineering Sem IV Subject Wise Syllabus

1) Applied  Mathematics IV

2) Analysis of Algorithm 3)Computer Organization and Architecture 4) Database Management System
5) Theoretical Computer Science 6) Computer Graphics    

Computer Engineering Sem V Subject Wise Syllabus

1) Computer Network (CN)


2) Advance Database Management (ADBM)



4) Theory of Computer Science(TCS)

5) Web Designing 6)Environment Studies  



Computer Engineering Sem VI Subject Wise Syllabus

1) Advanced Computer Network (ACN)


2) System Programming and compiler construction

3)Object Oriented software Engineering

4) Advance Microprocessor

5) Data warehousing and Mining 6)Seminar  




Computer Engineering Sem VII Subject Wise Syllabus (CBGS)

1) CPC701-Digital Signal Processing

2)CPC702- Cryptography and System Security

3) CPC703-Artificial Intelligence


Elective I  : 1)CPE7021-Advance Algorithm 2) CPE7022-Computer Simulation and Modeling 3)CPE7023- Image Processing
  4) CP7024-Software Architecture  5) CP2025-Soft Computing  6) CP7026 -ERP & Supply Chain Management


Computer Engineering Sem VII Subject Wise Syllabus (old)

1) Digital Signal & Image Processing

2) Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (RAI)

3)Mobile Computing

4) System Security

Elective I  : 1)Computer Simulation and modelling 2) E-Commerce


3) Project Management
  4) Soft Computing    


Computer Engineering Sem VIII Subject Wise Syllabus (CBGS)

1) CPC801-Data Warehouse and Mining

2) CPC802-Human Machine Interaction

3) CPC803-Parallel and distributed Systems


Elective II : 1)CPE8031-Machine Learning 2) CPE8032 - Embedded System 3)CPE8033-Adhoc Wireless Network
  4) CPE8034 - Digital Forensic 5)CPE8035- Big data Analysis  

Computer Engineering Sem VIII Subject Wise Syllabus (old)

1) Distributed System

2) Multimedia System Design

3) Software Architecture


Elective II : 1)Human Computing Interaction 2) Advanced Internet Technology 3) Computer Vision
  4) Embedded Systems    


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