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****Exam May 2017 start from 12th May 2017

                  International Journal    Click For Exam Hallticket(F.E. & B.E) Exam . May 2017 Link for Photocopy of  Sem .I, II, VII & VIII  

  • For Beginners
    "It's a Learning Experience for any fresher"

  • Enthusiastic Environment
    "A Good Environment Supports a Creativity and Educational Development "

  • World opportunity
    "A key to open the door to a world of opportunities"

  • Best Guidance and Facilities for enhance creative abilities
    "A Personality glitters when a perfect polishing is done by an Excellent and Experienced teachers"


"You have brains in your heads, you have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You are on your own, you know what you know, and YOU are the one who'll select KGCE for enhancing your abilities to fulfill your dreams."

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